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Come Home Love: Dinner at Eight – 愛.回家之八時入席 (Episode Summary 151-175)

A spin off of the long series Come Home Love but has totally new characters and story line.  It takes place at a TV station.

151-175 Highlights/Recaps continued

  • 151-152 The prop assistant Cai tries to do a lot of jobs to save money in his pursuit of Elsa.  Tong Chong-shu finds out that the prop assistant likes Elsa but doesn't have the heart to tell him he misunderstood.  The team try to help the prop assistant confess by doing a skit recording of them being princess and prince.  Elsa rejects him saying she never liked him.  Rejected he decides to go to China for a gig to find out that it was a scam.  There he sells pancakes and embarrass to tell his friends.  Koo Hui-san and Ming the Head prop guy gets the Boss to rehire him at 50% more pay.  He returns after they go get him.
  • 153 Everyone targets Lam Siu Siu to pay for food.  Koo Hui-san helps her avoid being target by causing them to pay themselves.
  • 154 There is a competition for doing the TV promos.  It is an internal setup.  Koo Hiu-san switch his and Tong Chong-shu's films and Tong Chong-shu wins.  This cause a rift between the old/younger folks.  But they end up better themselves and support each other as a result of the war between the two.
  • 155 Koo Hui-san saves Lam Siu Siu from a rich guy that wanted to force marriage on her because of something a fortune teller said that will help him avoid misfortune.  He had been doing this to a lot of people which Koo Hiu-san found out.  He tells Lam Siu Siu that when he says not to do something for her to listen since she went with the guy despite him telling her not to.  
  • 156 Lam Siu Siu has to do a photo shoot for the TVI calendar.  She thinks that Koo Hui-san is going to take the pictures which she will do in a swimsuit.  Koo Hui-san is unable to make it but forgets to inform her and she misinterprets that they were only going to get one hotel room with him but it was really her sharing with another female photography.  Koo Hui-san finds out and jokes to her if he was to go would she want 1 room or 2.
  • 157 Ping's daughter Mon Mon being a behind the scene stunt women does not want to be known.  Tong Chong-shu assistant wants her to be known.  He learns that not everyone needs to get credit for things they do.
  • 158 Lam Yi-mak helps the Boss find the culprit that blackmail him of a video with him dressed up as C-man a cartoon hero.  They are both fans and becomes friends because of this.
  • 159 Ryan gets a limited edition bracelet that Wan Fei Fei dropped and lost.  Christy from PR accidentally takes it thinking he got it for her but Chiu Lei-hung helps him out that it was for her. and rumors spread.  Wan Fei Fei later goes to special event with the bracelet and Ryan in hand and recognizes to the world that they are a couple.
  • 160 Ciu Wai gets back 500K but uses it to return all the money he borrow from friends over the year.  But it ends up using it all up by treating everyone and returning the money.  Someone comes to him to get back money lent but he has already used up the money.  The friends give him some money back for the gift certificate the gave them to show support since he never really had a sense of money.
  • 161 The scene where Ko Hui-San puts on Lam Siu Siu's shoe for her (155) is published in a book.  The team sees it and she thinks the team is thinking they are secretly dating.  Unfortunately she doesn't even know if he likes her after Ciu Wai says Ko Hui-san does everything for the actor to get his shoots when the teams list things that would indicate someone likes a person.  Ko Hui-san ignores Lam Siu Siu's texts when he is on a filming trip to Taiwan but for some reason he didn't film anything and reschedules the filming to make up at TVI.  Lam Siu Siu is upset that despite her having his approval to go on vacation he is stopping her from going because of his mistake.  She goes to his home to confront him.  He explains that the reason he didn't complete the shots there was because he really cared about things she said.  When she mentioned she was an extra 20 years ago and took a photo he immediately went looking for it.  He missed a flight to shot a film when he went to pick up the video and photo.  He was the photographer in the photo.  Looking at each other, Ko Hui-san closes the door and kisses Lam Siu Siu.
  • 162 Lam Siu Siu works continuously to finish shooting 5 episodes of her cooking show so she can go on vacation to see Ding on some collaboration.  Wan Fei Fei tells Ko Hui-san why is he pushing the girl he likes to someone else which he denies.  Ding and Lam Siu Siu is in Malaysia at a restaurant that they imagined when they were dating.  He once again ask her to be the woman of his life since he will never find anyone as compatible to him.
  • 163 Ko Hui-san father gets into a accident while on a trip.  Everyone is unable to go to China to get him.  Aunt Ping forgot to renew her documents, Lam Wo and Ko Hiu-san is stuck due to a hurricane.  Lam Siu Siu goes to take care of everything and brings him back to Hong Kong hospital.
  • 164 Terry feels that the new producer Sun doesn't treat him as his apprentice because he is too nice to him.  It is because he knows his secret with CoCo.  The friends decide that Sun producer needs something to hold against Terry in order to trust him.  Ka Lai and Terry stage a show that Terry is having an affair for Sun producer to keep a secret.  As a result Sun producer accepts Terry and treats him as one of his own. 
  • 165 Elsa accidentally breaks the mermaid statue and think Koo Hiu-san is going to fire her.  The prop assistant Cai remakes one even though he hurt his foot on sick leave.  At the end the teams stage alone time for them.  Prop assistant says why did she write a sad story about a a mermaid that is separated from her love but is killed by her lover that is a fisherman.  He changes the story to say why don't he request from the moon goddess to exchange his live and instead the goddess saves her and makes her human.  He then gives her the glowing moon.  On the bus Elsa explains that she never believe when stories say the guy will bring the moon to the girl that it will ever happen.  But Cai did and at the moment her heart did flutter.
  • 166-167 Lam Yi-mak and Chiu Lei-hung assume Koo Hiu-san and Wan Fei Fei are having an affair behind Ryan and Lam Siu Siu when they go shopping for household goods and act mysterious.  Later we find out that Koo Hiu-san just wanted to rent out his unknown apartment.  Wan Fei Fei later doesn't rent it after a chat with Ryan.  At the end everyone wants to help Koo Hiu-san get the Boss as the renter.
  • 168 the assistant PA an Kai Lei the screenwriter have a clash of opinions saying each other jobs is not that hard.  Kai Lei decides to switch to Terry's team as assistant PA.  She finds out that the ideas she wrote can not be executed.  The assistant PA finds out that writing is not as easy as it seems.  They have a mutual understanding of each other's job.  Kai Lei returns to the team.
  • 169 Lam Siu Siu gets a gift for Koo Hiu-san.  She gets a black wallet for him but Yan Yan accidentally loses it in a taxi when she thought it was a prop.  She asks Lam Siu Siu buy a replacement thinking it was a gift from Ka Ling BB the moviestar.  Lam Siu Siu gives the replacement gift directly to Koo Hiu-san and he is upset that it is not black because she gave him a brown one he doesn't like and he doesn't know who she gave the black one to.  Later he finds out that Yan Yan lost the original that was intended for him which Lam Siu Siu knew he liked.  At home when Lam Wo ask him he though he didn't like brown Koo Hiu-san smilingly says he suddenly is taking a liking to this wallet color.
  • 170 Tong Chong-shu gets the respect of everyone as a director by being himself and keeping his own style when he loses his cross body bag that had his notes on others in a notebook.  From the notebook he keeps nice notes as to everyone's situation (how someone is good at there job, to pay attention to on star's injury, etc)  
  • 171-172 Tong Chong-shu stands up for his team members Yan Yan and Tung.  Koo Hiu-san lets him be the producer for the show.  Yan Yan exposes corruption and Tung does story on kids with autism.   Koo Hiu-san is able to have a great apprentice.  They note that only Tong Chong-shu can shine under him and other's don't because he doesn't have patience to develop them.  Lam Siu Siu says now Yan Yan and Tung is under Tong Chong-shu's wing who he can develop since has the patience.
  • 173-175 Paula of Human Resources is getting married to Ding's brother after 3 months of meeting.  Koo Hiu-san after losing wallet and finding it realizes that Lam Siu Siu is important to him.  He wants to go confess to Lam Siu Siu but sees her with Ding.  Dejected he leaves.  Meanwhile TVI decides to do a Korean, Japan, HK live show to determine if the contestant when put in a difficult situation will be able to find out.  Koo Hiu-san is 1 of 3 participants that do not know they are participating.  Everyone is in on the secret.  They fake an accident and knock Koo Hiu-san unconscious.  Lam Siu Siu finds outs that lip reader is a close friend of Koo Hiu-san and somehow is able to play the video.  She hears the video about him walking 2 hours just to hear her voice and that he wants to find out together what this feeling is (147).  After being told by the fake doctor that he will not be able to walk again he immediately goes to TVI to see Lam Siu Siu and confesses.  He is unable to tell that this is all a show despite all the hints.  Lam Siu Siu agrees to stay with him and not go the Paula's wedding in Malaysia and be the bride's maid. However his confession capture on video and everyone comes out to congratulate him.  Ding is in the background and hears all of this.
I'm glad that they started to focus on the main characters love line and not drag it out further.  But at this point it can be a indication that the show is going to start wrapping up considering they did say they will end at episode 200 unless they change their minds.  But with all long sitcoms they can find a way to extend it it it is popular enough even when main characters decide to exit the show in real life.

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