Sunday, November 13, 2016

The K2 (2016)

Broadcast Period: September to November 2016 (Korea)
Episodes:  16
Status:        Completed

Executive Summary:

Je Ha is a fugitive that returns to Korea.  Cho Yoo Jin is a powerful women that is married to a presidential candidate who has an illegitimate daughter Anna that she holds hostage to control the father.  Je Ha (K2) later becomes the bodyguard of Anna and they fall in love.  Cho Yoo Jin orders to kill Je Ha in the beginning when he witness one of her husbands many affair accidentally, and later finds herself trusting him completely even giving he access to "mirror" the operating system of Cloud Nine.  Je Ha join forces with Yoo Jin to seeks revenge for his fiance that was killed by Assemblyman Park since he can't physically kill a person due to a condition he has.  In order to protect Anna from Yoo Jin and get his revenge he gets his hands on a memory chip with evidence of the powerful and rich.

Cho Yoo Jin and her husband dies with Cloud Nine in the bomb that her step brother used to threaten her in the end.  We find out that Yoo Jin never really killed Anna's mother and it was something Yoo Jin's father ordered without her knowledge.  The Assemblyman Park is forced to commit suicide by Je Ha and the brother is killed by the secretary as payback. K1 and J4 the bodyguard of Anna end up being a pair.  Anna releases the proof to the world of the corruption of the rich and powerful and doesn't cave in to the temptation of power.  Je Ha and Anna live happily ever after away from the power struggles. 

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed the series.  It was action packed in every episode and gave off a movie feel.  I ended up really rooting for the villain of the show Yoo Jin.  Even though she was a merciless person that ordered people to be killed, I felt it wasn't her fault.  When she was young she loved her husband and gave up all her rights and went against her family to be with him.  Unfortunately her husband had another women.  Everyone was out to get her and if she was not merciless she would never have survived.  As she mentioned in the last episode, maybe she turned that way because she didn't want to lose her husband.  In the process she wanted to prove to her father and herself that she made the right choice by helping his career and keeping him close.  She trusted K2 because she felt he understood her.  I think she really just needed a friend she can trust and understand her.  Unfortunately she gets betrayed by them all making her hurt more when K2 tells her he took the proof not to help her but to protect Anna from her. When she was shot by her stepbrother she didn't leave and wanted everyone to be saved before the bomb exploded.  At least even if the husband was not sincere (he basically came back to pull the bomb into her room so that it would lessen the explosion impact to help k2, anna and the secretary to escape) when he came back at least there was a glimpse of happiness in her and she did die with the man she loved when he came back to her.  Kudos to the awesome acting and keeping me at the edge of my seat at every episode.

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