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My Lover From The Planet Meow – 來自喵喵星的妳 (2016)


Broadcast Period: October - November 2016 (HK)
Episodes: 32
Spin off of 2015 Ghost of Relativity.  Basically retaining the main cast from the show but with a different story line about a cat from another planet that dies and comes back as a human form to the family that took her in.

Executive Summary:

Garfield, the head of development sees a kitten at a pet store and adopts it calling it Miu Mui.  His is later mistaken as a cat burglar and loses Miu Miu when police woman Cat arrests him.  Later he finds Miu Miu, marries Cat and has a daughter.  10 years pass and Miu Miu dies of old age but returns to earth illegally to help the family but this time as a human.  Miu Miu is really from another planet and was on vacation on planet earth as a pet.

Miu Miu ends up living with Rose who is also from the Planet Meow who came back to earth looking for her life savior when she was a cat when she was younger.  She later finds out it is Jack her nemesis and Cat's father.  Miu Miu also later ends up being a consultant for Garfield's company instead of their nanny and develops feelings for Garfield when she tries to help him in his research. 

Hor Gur Long, the street cat that illegally comes back to earth becomes a cat burglar and pervert.  Wanting to make riches and upset that Miu Miu has everything and he doesn't collaborates with Hill Ko the main manager.  He sleeps with Natasha, the consultant when she is drunk and they use this to threaten her to control her when she is about to announce she and Garfield were successful in the project.  Garfield tells the truth to the reporters that it was all a lie and that they were not successful.  Hor Gur Long upset that he ruins his plans end up in a fight where he exposes Miu Miu's identity when she tries to save the family.  In the process he gets heavily injured and he falls of the building and begins to shrink to nothingness which Garfield explains that they are going to their original form.

Hill Ko kidnaps Miu Miu since he finds out she is really the key to the projects success where he will make his claim to fame.  Garfield and later Cat shows up to save Miu Miu.  Unfortunately when Hill Ko escapes he crashes the injured Miu Miu into the sea in the car.  Miu Miu heavily injured starts to shrink.  Garfield tries to save her with the transportation project he is working on by sending her back to Planet Meow.  At the last minute Hill Ko turns off the power shocking himself so we don't know what happens to Miu Miu.  

In the end Hill Ko ends up in a psycho ward probably from the electric shock.  Natasha loses her memories and ends up taking over Hill Ko's job and dates Si Sir, Cat's boss.  Garfield's 3 staff end up with the 3 girls from the marketing department.  Garfield, Cat and the daughter is walking down the street and they pass a pet shop and think they saw Miu Miu.  When they go back it is only a dog in the window and end up going home saying they will watch videos of Miu Miu.  The dog in the window says that seems to be a good family.  The pet store owner who looks exactly like Miu Miu comes out carrying a cat and says yes indeed they are a good family. Both the cat and dog says they want to follow them home.  She later says "if us Meow planet beings can't bother them then you Woof planet beings can't either."

My thoughts:
The show was ok but really seems stupid.  If you want something brainless to watch it this could be it.  A lot of the acting seems exaggerated.  I found Garfield's 3 staff somewhat very stupid considering the marketing girls keep lying and using them.  You would think that after the insults from them they would give up on the girls.  Instead because of the success of the project which honestly they did nothing to contribute but got credit for, the girls ended up being with them.  Unfortunately they still seem like slaves to the girls who clearly are still using them.  I would have prefer that they ended up with prettier girls and the marketing girls regret their decision to not be with them.  It's like mean girls win which is not a good message to show.   Like all spinoffs this one seems to just try to milk off the success of the previous show in 2015 "Ghost of Relativity" that had the same cast.

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