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Come Home Love: Dinner at Eight – 愛.回家之八時入席

Broadcast Period: April 2016 to January 2017 (HK)
Episodes: 200
Status:  Complete

Show is spin off of Come Home Love but has totally new characters and story line.  It takes place at a TV station.

Cut to the chase ending:  

Lam Siu Siu and Koo Hiu-san become a pair and date.  Koo Hiu-san becomes a consultant and pursues his dreams while Lam Siu Siu becomes a private chef in her private restaurant.  Tong Chong-shu goes from PA to director to Producer.  He gets back together with his ex girlfriend Yan and they date again.  Prop Assistant Cai dates Elsa when he is finally able to win her heart.  Terry finally gets to date and win the heart of his love Kai Lei who he liked for a long time and thinks off as a goddess. TVI gets bought out but everything remains the same and the people become dedicated like before.

Summary to date on relationships

Lam Sui Sui goes from the accounting department to being Koo Hiu-san secretary.  Later on Lam Sui Sui becomes Wan Fei Fei (Vivian's) secretary.  When the cooking show's chef "Green" is injured she somehow becomes the new host for the show and resigns as secretary.

Koo Hiu-san and Wan Fei Fei (Vivian) are old lovers.  But they broke up due to some misunderstanding. As the story progresses it seems that Koo Hui-san and Lam Sui Sui seem to admire each other somehow but Koo Hui-san thinks she is scheming.  Vivian seems to still have some lingering feelings for Koo Hui-san .  Meanwhile her assistant Ryan has a crush on her.  Ryan and Vivian finally get together and date (149) and everyone finds out when they show up together at an event (159).

Lam Siu Siu ex fiance Ding shows up and wants to pursue her again (120).  They broke up because he accidentally slept with a relative who lied that she was pregnant.  Koo Hiu-san starts to notice his feelings for Lam Siu Siu.  He kisses her suddenly when he was frustrated and didn't understand why he mess up a overseas shot because of her (161).  Because of a contest show Koo Hiu-san thought he would never walk again and afraid he would lose Lam Siu Siu to Ding he rushes to confess to her (173-175) and she accepts.

Koo Hiu-san and Lam Siu Siu start dating.  Lam Siu Siu switches producers for her show by now working with Producer Sun (181). In order to pursue his life long dream to produce a environmental show, Koo Hiu-san uses an opportunity to get fired from TVI without being under contract obligations and be a consultant for TVI instead. (186)  Lam Siu Siu's contract ends and instead of renewing she decides to do a private restaurant instead.

Lam Yi-mak is Lam Sui Sui's uncle and is a makeup artist.  He somehow ends up liking the Boss's secretary Daisy.  Daisy likes her Boss.

Chiu Lai Huang is the hairstylist who husband is really a second generation rich heir.  He gives up his riches to be with her. 

Lam Wo is the nephew of Koo Hiu-san.  He is the son of his brother who died in a car accident before he was born.   Only recently did they find out of his existence.  He lives with them in the beginning and later on finds out from his mom they are related when she comes and visits.  He becomes a makeup artist at TVI

Ping is the cleaning lady and is also the aunt of Koo Hiu-san.  She also has a daughter that is a stunt woman at the TV station who hid this fact from her mom many years.  When she finds out she is ok with it.

Tong Chong-shu is Koo Hiu-san's PA and later becomes a director.  He is very dedicated to his job.  Elsa likes him and she transfers from the accounting department to become Koo Hiu-san's new secretary.  The prop assistant Cai likes Elsa.  Tong Chong-shu later gets back together (136-138) with his ex-girlfriend Yan (Emma) who becomes a lawyer at TVI.  When Koo Hiu-san becomes a consultant for TVI he is promoted to producer taking over his position. (187)

Prop assistant Cai confesses to Elsa (151-152) but is rejected.  Later Elsa is moved by Cai gesture when he fixes a mermaid statue she broke and gives her the moon which she never thought was possible (165).  Elsa officially accepts Cai now that she likes him but is unsure if he likes her the same as before.  This happens when he finds her the song that her parents use to play when she was young and gives him her homemade wallet. (178)

KC and Koo Hiu-san are rivals at work although KC seems to lose most of the time.  KC who unknowingly bumps into CoCo (the Boss's girlfriend) and her lover the new producer.  Afraid that the secrets is out they somehow get him transferred into the morning show.  His PA is Terry who has a crush on Kai Lei the scriptwriter of Koo Hiu-san's team.  Terry later works for the new producer when KC transfers and is successful in pursing Kai Lei (114).

Ding's brother meets the Human Resource Paula for 3 months and they decide to get married (173).

The guys sort of have a secret club/hideout that requires every member to tell their darkest secret to get in.  No one is to reveal their friendship outside the group.  Members include Ciu Wai (the movie star host), Tong Chong-shu, Lam Yi-mak, the Props Head Ming, Terry, and the Cafeteria Chef.  Later the hideout is busted (183) when they don't clean up the place and security finds it when rats were discover.  We find out that Koo Hiu always new about the hideout but just never said anything.  Basically he hear everything they said there since he hid a voice recorder there but just never exposed them.  The keep the hideout eventually when the Boss didn't want to pay more to build a similar set.

TVI is later sold to another company and the Boss continues to be the CEO because the employees find out that he is indeed a good boss that looks out for him even though he is frugal.  This money saving is what helps his employee's and the company.  Everyone decides they will use there heart to work for the company.

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