Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Second to Last Love (2016)

Broadcast Period: July to October 2016 (Korea)
Episodes:  20

Executive Summary
Story about Ko Sang-Sik who works as the environmental facility section chief at city hall and Kang Min-Joo who is the PD at a broadcasting station.
They end up being together in the end.  During the episodes Min-Joo becomes Sang-Sik's neighbor/tenant.  Thru a twist of fate her ex-fiance died in a work related fire many years ago and Sang-Sik was the one that tried to save him but couldn't.  They were producing show and the set caught fire back then.  Sang-Sik quit his job as a producer as a result of this and his wife dying giving birth to their daughter that day also.

Sang-Sik's little sister has a crush on the childhood friend.  In the end they end up together.  He is a chef that also dated Min-Joo during the show.  Sang-Sik's bar owner friend ends up dating the Mayor (Sang-Sik's boss) and marries her at the last episode.

Overall Thoughts
I wouldn't call the show exciting but it was at a simple pace.  At times, I just felt like skipping to the scenes of the youngest sister and the elderly mayor couple which was cute and hilarious the way they acted.  What did you think of the show?

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