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Shopping King Louie (2016)

Story about a chaebol heir that gets into an accident and loses his memories. He meets a simple rural girl and does things he has never done before.

Broadcast Period: September 2016 (Korea)
Episodes:  16
Status:  Complete

Highlight recaps

Episode 1
  • Louie purchases limited edition jacket #1
  • Louie is mesmerize by Bok Shil that he sees in a documentary
  • Bok Shil grandmother from remote area dies and she goes to the city to find her brother that left but is swindled and loses her bag
  • Bok Shil's bag get stolen and she sells her 50 year wild ginseng to Joong Won the director
  • Louie's grandma falls ill and Louie comes back to Korea from France
  • Bok Shil sees Louie on the street and mistakes him as her brother

Episode 2
  • Louie basically got in a car accident and somehow lost his memories
  • He is wearing Bok Shil's brother's jacket for some reason
  • Since Louie is only clue to finding her brother Bok Shil takes him in
  • They get kicked out of the sauna when someone accusses Louie of stealing her money
  • Later she finds the swindler and chases after her
  • Louie/Bok Shil is later robbed/beat up by 3 girls who seems to know Bok Shil's brother
  • Louie/Bok Shil rent a place that had 3 people die there but they do not know.
  • Joong Won sees Bok Shil at the last scene where he slips and calls the cleaning lady to clean the water which is Bok Shil
Episode 3
  • Bok Shik faints after Joong Won pushes her to the floor
  • He pays for her hospital bill and gives her back $4K for the ginseng and tells her to come to work at the merchandising group
  • Bok Shik and Louie go shopping for household goods and gets cellphones
  • Louie meets the neighbor (son of Bok Shik cleaning lady coworker)
  • Louie gets some flashback memories when he was a child 
  • Louie gets swindled by scam phishing ring to send all his money from a phone call saying they need money or he will get arrested/ they will give him back his IDs
Episode 4
  • Louie sees a dog calls out to it Kobashi (his dog's name from his childhood) but of course it isn't
  • Bok Shik gets angry that Louie is buying so much mail order stuff he doesn't really need.
  • Bok Shik gets Louie to peel garlics for money but he ends up buying stuff (googles/massager) that cost more than what they will get for the peeling of the garlic.
  • The 2nd female lead steals Bok Shik's idea about a Gold Line bottle that Louie gave her for her presentation.  Joong Won knows its really her idea.
  • Joong Won give Bok Shik a new pair of shoes he bought for her
  • Louie uncle finds out from a DNA test from the Louie's dentures his wife steals that the person that was killed in the crash is not Louie.  He suddenly sees Louie and thinking he's been found out since he was the one at orchestrated the killing Louie just comes up to him to say hello.
Episode 5
  • Louie sees Bok Shik and takes her to the uncle to say hi and to take care of her
  • Louie uncles finds out Louie lost his memories
  • Louie takes care of Bok Shik who was sick
  • Joong Won visits Bok Shik to find out she is living with Louie.  He offers Louie to stay at his place but he refuses
  • Jealous and not knowing what to do.  Joong Won has Bok Shik go on a business trip with him and 2nd female lead to Busan.  Louie finds out and goes to find Bok Shik with the neighbor.
  • At Busan Louie almost meets Grandmother and get some flashback memories of his childhood.
  • Joong Won extends Bok Shik's job for 1 year
  • Louie buys stuff on installment plan for Bok Shik's new credit card.  Bok Shik tells him to return everything and just go to the movies with her (she never went to one)
  • On the way after buying a flower to see a movie with Bok Shik.  Louie gets hit by a car and faints on the ground
Episode 6
  • It is really the 2nd female lead Ma Ri that bumped into him with the car.  She is shock it is him and later finds out his relationship with Bok Shik also.
  • After getting compensated, Louie goes sees Bok Shik
  • Louie review of the products is doing damage to Goldline and they find out his ID screen name is under Bok Shik name.  Joong Won tells Louie to go live with him in exchange for getting Bok Shik out of trouble and a new washer and refrigerator
  • Joong Won's parents bump into Louie and the mom is crying in tears since she thinks her son is seeing a guy.
  • He works one day as delivery guy but is so fatigue and injured from it.
  • Louie later finds out from the neighbor friend that there was a murder in the rooftop home.  He runs to Bok Shik in his patches.
  • Louie decides to live with Bok Shik and returns
  • Someone comes in with a hammer and hits Louie's head
Episode 7
  • Actually it was someone else that was hit in the head at Bok Shik's place.  It seem to be someone the uncle sent
  • The detective at the scene suspects Louie considering he doesn't remember himself and has no alibi.  But the detective friend, Bok Shik and Joong Won vouch for Louie.
  • Joong Won tells Bok Shik and Louie to live at his place instead
  • At Joong Won place Louie treats both of them as if they were his servants
  • Louie keeps the first coin Bok Shik gives him to wash the dishes.  Bok Shik is so touched by it.
  • A video of Louie running with patches is on TV and grandma and gang see this and butler Kim is sent to investigate
  • The uncle rings to doorbell at Joong Won's place
Episode 8
  • They catch the person that hit the unknown person at the rooftop with Louie's tip when he identify that the killer had limited edition bike shoes.
  • Louie and Bok Shik move back to the rooftop
  • Butler Kim doesn't find out Louie is alive
  • Louie and Bok Shik have a fun time at the ocean.
  • As they are walking Louie finds out that he can read a lot of books in different languages and tells Bok Shik to video tape him to prove it to the others
  • In the video Bok Shik ask what is his most memorable time during his memory loss.  He says the time waiting for her.  He ask the same question to her and Bok Shik says "now."
  • Louie moves close to Bok Shik and they kiss
Episode 9
  • The detective meets up with the uncle's wife and she tells him that Louie's identity and happily tells the grandma and husband.
  • The uncle takes Louie back to grandma where he finds out who he is
  • He brings Bok Shik and the neighbor stuff from his house
  • The detective does more digging in the accident and we find out that somehow Bok Nam (Bok Shik's brother) and Louie switch and the person that died may be the brother instead
  • The detective takes Bok Shik out to tell her the truth that her brother died
Episode 10
  • Bok Shik quits and goes back to her hometown without telling anyone but the neighbors.
  • Joong Won goes to Bok Shik's place.
  • Louie also goes to Bok Shik's place and gets angry that Joong Won is there.
  • Ma Ri also finds out Bok Shik went back to her hometown since blabber mouth neighbor told her, Joong Won and Louie despite her telling them not to.  The neighbor wants to take her their making her drive and pay for the food.  The return home because his does a number 2 in her car due to a upset stomach.
  • Bok Shik tells Louie she hates him and wants him to go away since it is painful to know that her brother died in his place.
  • Upon returning when Joong Won asks Louie if he wants the truth, the car swirls and Louie hits his head and recalls swapping clothes with Bok Nam.
Episode 11
  • Episode shows various flashback where Bok Shik and Louie remember their good times together
  • Bok Shik opens a shop distributing veggies.  Joong Won quits his job at Goldline to be part of her 2 person company
  • The neighbor is now Louie's driver and Louie buys her mother the building where they live
  • Louie sneaks in Bok Shik's rooftop home (she returns) to clean etc without her knowing.
  • Louie wants to go back to France in the process he sees Bok Nam who isn't dead.
  • Trying to chase after Bok Nam Louie bumps his head on the floor and gets amnesia again when Bok Shik sees him on the streets as a pan handler.
Episode 12
  • Louie actually wanted to surprise Bok Shik that Bok Nam is alive.  Everyone is in the setup to lure Bok Shik to Busan to renite with Bok Nam again. Louie regains his memories.
  • They flashback that Louie bumped into the motorcyle gang.  The leader wanted to harm Louie but Bok Nam said he will take care of it.  He takes Louie's clothes, money, watch, and phone and gives it to the gang leader.  The gang leader is the one that died when the car crashed.
  • The neighbor bumps in the Ma Ri and when they go to the movie he takes the blame that he farted instead of Ma Ri
  • The person that was hit in the head at the rooftop (Mr. Goo) wakes up and now blackmails the Uncle.
Episode 13
  • Goldline enters contract with Bok Shik's company and Joong Won and Bok Shik come back to the office to work together
  • Bok Nam  goes to Louie's home to be tutored by Butler Kim since he is bad at studying
  • The 3 girls that beat up Louie and swindle money from Bok Shik end up in Louie's home peeling garlic.  
  • Louie gives Bok Shik a ring that he didn't buy for her when they were poor that she liked.
  • The treasure box Louie hid when he was young that grandma is looking for is gone.  The uncle took it
  • Mr. Goo appears at the uncle wife's bookstore where Louie is visiting.
Episode 14
  • Mr. Goo gets his money stolen by the lady that stole Bok Shik stuff in the beginning.  He goes to the uncle to blackmail money from him.
  • The uncle actually took the treasure box but there is nothing in it except for the figurine and video tapes.
  • The Goldline folks goes to a retreat.
  • Louie wins the singing contest.
  • Bok Shik wants to give Louie a ring.
  • Bok Shik gets kidnapped by Mr. Goo who thinks its the uncle's daughter.
Episode 15
  • The uncle never really intended to kill Louie.  He just wanted a fender bender so Grandma will send him back to France
  • The kidnapper gets into an accident on the way to get the money from the uncle
  • The uncle confesses to Louie and the police
  • They catch the grandma that stole money from Bok Shi and the kidnapper.  Bok Shik convinces her to return the money that has the evidence that the uncle didn't ordered Louie's death
  • The uncle tells the wife to return the treasure box to the attic
  • Grandma watches the tape of Louie and his parents that was in the treasure box.
  • Grandma dies
Episode 16
  • Joong Won becomes the president of Goldline
  • Assistant Jung is pregnant with Butler Kim's baby and they get married.  He finally proposes by putting a ring under a food tent that surprised her
  • Ma Ri now tries to show sincerity to Joong Won as a result of her talk to Louie to say she should not pretend and just be herself
  • Joong Won meets another girl like Bok Shik similar to their first encounter its just that the girl is selling ginseng for her family that owns a ginseng farm.
  • The other tape that was stuck in the VCR that Ma Ri tried to watch is fixed by her mother
  • The tape which Louie shows BoK Shik in a theater is a video tape of Goldline's anniversary where they gave away the 30 limited edition figures.  Her parents were the 30th winner.  This brings Bok Shik to tears since she said she can remember her parents and they never had any pictures
  • At the end of the video we see that Bok Shik gave the figure to Louie when he cried and said he wanted one.  The is where the name Koboshi for the dog and the figurine writing was from.
  • Louie and Bok Shik go back to the rooftop where they say they love each other and kiss. The End.
Cut to the Chase: 

Louie ends up with Bok Shik who he really meet as a kid.  The uncle just wanted a fender bender so Louie would be sent back but instead the car had a accident that killed someone else.  Bok Shik's brother which was missing is reunited with his sister.  The butler Kim marries the housekeeper assistant Jung and she is pregnant with his child.  Both Louie and Bok Shik still stay/go to the rooftop home.

My thoughts:

The series was light and cutesy.  At end there was really no villain.  Only part I didn't like was that Grandma died.  If I was to end the series I might have shown Louie and Bok Shik with kids that are so similar to them or total smarter than their parents who I would say are clueless in life.

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