Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Midnight Secretary (Manga)

Author:                    Ohmi Tomu
Release Year:          2007
Volumes/Chapters:  7 Volumes 35 Chapters (35 is an extra)

Kaya becomes the private secretary of Kyouhei Touma.  She tries to prove she is a capable in her work but discovers his secret that he is a vampire.  The story is about them falling in love and their experiences/challenges.

Cut to the Chase Spoiler Ending:

Facts in the manga

  • Vampires can only drink blood of the opposite sex
  • They are not weak against garlic, cross, etc. Their real weakness is the religion itself (basically spirit of the religion)
  • The child of a vampire can only be either human or vampire
  • Once a vampire has a vampire child they are to go back to the vampire society
  • Kyouhei's mom loved her husband so much she left the vampire society to be with him
  • Legend is if the child will be a powerful vampire it will make the mothers blood taste like poison to other vampires and the mother will reject their partners to protect itself while still in the womb.

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