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"W" (W - Two Worlds)

Broadcast Period: July 2016 to September 2016 (Korea)
Episodes:  16

Series goes back and forth between the real world and webtoon.


Episode 1
Oh Yeon Joo is sucked into the famous webtoon "W" that her father draws when he goes missing suddenly one day.  In the webtoon she saves the main character Kang Chul on a roof  and is then transported back to the real world via a "to be continued" in the corner of the screen.  When she returns everything that happens shows up in the webtoon she reads online.  Meanwhile Kang Chul searches for her in the webtoon claiming she is the key to his existence.

Episode 2
The assistant Su Bong tells Oh Yeon Joo that Dad still plans to kill Kang Chul.  While complaining to Dad she gets transported to the webtoon once again and saves Kang Chul at the hospital.  After leaving 2 months pass by in a few seconds and she sees Kang Chul again since time revolves around him.  She concludes that the main character has to feel shock for a cliffhanger in order for the episode to end.  When Kang Chul brings her to a clothes shop she slaps him across the face which does not work.  Later she kisses him which sends her back to reality.  Dad is in a hotel room now and is trying to kill Kang Chul via a car accident.  For some reason everything freezes in the webtoon except for Kang Chul who saves himself and the drawing erases.  He looks up to the sky and says "Who are you"

Episode 3
We find out when the Yeon Joo and Mom moved out a few years ago in his depressed state he killed Kang Chul who was framed for the murder of his family. But the next day Kang Chul was alive on screen and he just continued the webtoon and these incidents of changes happened thru the years of the webtoon.  Yeon Joon somehow returns to the webtoon and ends up in Kang Chul's penthouse.  There she flashes him in the bathrobe when does not work.  Then she points a gun at him which he takes and demand that she tell him why she disappear and why she did all the things she did like kiss him etc.  Eventually he shots her but it passes thru her without injury.  She passes due to the shock.  He later comments if she gives him some answers it will result in a shock to him that she wants.  While he leaves he asks if she is married and winks at her at the door to the elevator.  Yeon Joo now says she knows why she keeps coming back to the webtoon: it is because the female lead has switched to her.

Episode 4
In the penthouse Yeon Joo is lurked out by So Hee (webtoon previous female lead) causing her to be arrested.  In jail she can not provide any identification.  Kang Chul visits her in jail and says if she can tell him where she is from she can disappear like before due to him being shock. She says he'll regret it but eventually tells him the truth that he is a webtoon character and she is from the real world.  She disappears in front of him.  While he walks out the truth sinks in and Kang Chul's world freezes.  Suddenly we see a webtoon frame showing both worlds and Kang Chul takes a gun from one of the cops and walks thru the frame to the real world.

Episode 5
Kang Chul reads up on the webtoon and shows up at Yeon Joo's hospital where she works. She tells him to wait for her at the hospital.  There he pulls her back for a kiss.  While Yeon Joo is in surgery, Kang Chul finds Dad's home see's him there.  We have a flashback that Dad was the first one that Kang Chul pulled to his world and when he was stabbed by Dad he was able to stab Dad back but he was unhurt like Yeon Joo.  Yeon Joo hears the conversation between the two over the cellphone as she rushes home.  Dad is agitating Kang Chul and daring him to shoot and saying he can never do it because he created him to be that way.  Kang Chul can't do it and just tells him to draw the killer of his family so he can go back to the webtoon and catch him.  Dad responds there it was all a setup and there is no killer. Painfully Kang Chul turns to leave and Dad comments that he can't shoot because he is program that way.  This causes Kang Chul to snap and shoot Dad who falls to the ground with a gun shoot wound.

Episode 6
It turns out the Dad didn't die from the gunshoot.  Kang Chul kills himself by jumping into the river (the original death that the Dad wrote).  In a last letter to Yeon Joo he says that the hero while looking for the murder becaome the murder himself.  The webtoon is marked "The End" in the corner.  Time has passed and the publishers are urging Dad to rewrite the ending but he can't.  While Dad boards a plane for vacation we she Yeon Joo go on a blind date setup by her boss.  She suddenly is transported into the river where she sees Kang Chul when transported back we see the webtoon changes from "The End" to "To be continued" and at the same bridge where Kang Chul jump the killer with pixels as a face fly towards two bicyclists. Yeon Joo seeks Su Bong for help in saving Kang Chul.  The next scene is guards finding Yeon Joo in the spot she disappeared in prison and Kang Chul wakes up.

Episode 7
Flashback that Yeon Joo was really the original creator of Kang Chul, which is was why she was able to go back and save him since he was just suspended in the webtoon.  Kang Chul goes to see Yeon Joo in the jail transportation bus basically saying she saved him and to get her out legally.  She says dad story ended and she has different taste than her dad (basically she likes the romance storylines).  Kang Chul now sees her in jail and basically says who is she to determine his life, he is not a toy.  Yeon Joo basically shouts back in tears that it is because she loves him.  Then she disappears back to her world and back again because Kang Chul is the one that is thinking of her thus she's back and they kiss.   The bodyguard visits Yeon Joo giving her 4 options (1) Fancy Party (2) simple trip (3) everyday romance and (4) proactive 19+ concept and that #4 is Kang Chul personal preference in response to her request of a romantic story line.  She picks #3 but has her finger showing #4.   Kang Chul gets her out of jail claiming she is his wife.  Next there are cute scene of them tying hair, cuddling, etc.. Later while Yeon Joo is unaware the Killer with type up text says.  Who am I? Where are you? How did Kang Chul get back and ultimately acknowledges that Kang Chul has a new family and he will kill her too.

Episode 8
Kang Chul later she Yeon Joo shot by the killer in the head but wakes up that it never happen as Yeon Joo also dreams about her fairytail dance party.  Kang Chul has Yeon Joo pick a few more romantic things to do from a book.  One of them is cooking together where she cuts her finger and bleeds.  Kang is shock that she can get hurt and Yeon Joo is transported back to the real world where she read about what happened.  Meanwhile So-he is starting to disappear flickering in and out as well as other characters.  Conclusion is that when character ceases to have a purpose they will disappear.  We see that the Killer is in the real world and doesn't want the webtoon to end and doesn't know how to get back.  He somehow finds Yeon Joo and while she and Su Bong try to escape he shots at her to only have her disappear back into the webtoon where Kang Chul is before the bullet hits her.  Back in webtoon they see So Hee who is disappearing, Kang Chul claims the marriage is all fake which stops So Hee from disappearing.  Back a the penthouse to the roof, Kang Chul ties Yeon Joo's shoelaces and on the roof he tells her draw that all this was a dream and to go back to 2 months ago.  To expedite this he jumps of the roof.  Next scene is he is back in the hospital 2 months ago and tears fall down for some reason and Yeon Joo cries at the real world looking at her wedding room after just finishing the scene to make it a dream

Episode 9
Dad sees the Killer on the plane.  We don't know what happens but he comes home to see Yeon Joo depress and he looks for the usb that Kang Chul left for him which is to properly end the webtoon for his daughter.  Yeon Joo goes in/out quickly to/from the webtoon and sees Kang Chul although he doesn't recognize her.  Dad draws the Killer face now to give him an identity and it is himself.  Distraught Yeon Joo is crying with the manga at the hospital to only be transported to the webtoon and it is a mass shooting emergency.  There were a lot of people hurt and killed on live broadcast by the Killer at Kang Chul's studio.  The Killer wanted showed his face to the world and in the real world we see Dad with no face.

Episode 10
The Killer now has Dad's face.  We flashback to the night of Kang Chul's stabbing, the Killer saw Dad trying to kill Kang Chul in the webtoon that when he know they shared the same soul.  Meanwhile now the Killer is controlling dad to draw him all sorts of stuff.  Kang Chul see Yeon Joo on the roof and asks why she keeps looking at her that way which she explains he looks like her husband.  Yeon Joo is stuck in the manga and is very hungry so she goes to So Hee's apartment to eat food only to be discovered by Kang Chul.  Meanwhile the Killer is making Dad make evidence to frame Kang Chul.  He teams up with the prosecutor.  Next scene we see a gun appear in Kang Chul's hands and Ajusshi (the family friend) is killed and there is a voice recording of Kang Chul killing his own family 10 years ago.  He make a run for it but is shot but he does get in the car where Yeon Joo is and they drive off.  This is when Yeon Joo knows Dad's plan to end with the happy ending failed.  She takes him to a hotel and he ask who she is but  kisses him saying she hope this works again and then she returns to the real world like last time to help him.

Episode 11
Yeon Joo picks up some medical supplies and goes home to find Dad with no face.  The police are closing in on Kang Chul but we see Yeon Joo erasing the door so they can't find him.  She draws the medical supplies into the webtoon for Kang Chul to self administer.  The killer claims when did she get out and as he tries to strangle her from the screen, she powers of the tablet and his hands disappears.  She is then suddenly transported back into the webtoon after she puts Dad away.  She meets up with Kang Chul with the bodyguard's help.  During the one month she was gone from the webtoon Kang Chul sees his hands flicker back/forth in flashbacks.  During their meeting Kang Chul buys Yeon Joo a dress, ice cream and goes shopping.  Back at the hideout he is ready to cook for her saying he has 2 more thing to do.  This shocks Yeon Joo because she never told him about the promises to do romantic things so how did he know.  He says isn't this want she should be doing with her husband and he didn't even do it because he saw it.  He shows her the manga she previously left in the webtoon when we was transported there.  He says what happens next and does the husband really forget the wife.  Finally he asks if the husband that suddenly disappears him?

Episode 12
When Kang Chul asks if he is her husband the webtoon world freezes and a frame appears.  Both of the walk thru the frame to the real world.  Yeon Joo faints from exhaustion and goes to the hospital to rest.  The assistant Su Bong is super happy to see Kang Chul.  Kang Chul later opens the tablet back on and the Killer basically says he just needs to wait for Kang Chul to cease to exist because he is no longer the hero in the webtoon.  We find out that the Killer meet Dad prior to the dream which is why his memories were intact. Meanwhile Kang Chul is living the life in the real world and goes on a date.  Later Kang Chul explains that for Dad to get his face back the Killer has to die and tells Yeon Joo to draw a few things.  Kang Chul basically goes back to the webtoon and gets the Killer arrested and has Yeon Joo draw back his ring and his corpse for the others to find.  He then goes back to the real world.  His hypothesis is he can summon himself into the real world and he can summon himself back to the real world when the to be continued sign shows up.

Episode 13
The Killer goes to jail.  Kang Chul finds out from the bodyguard that he saw So Hee in the real world which he didn't pay attention to.  The hypothesis is that Kang Chul can also summon webtoon characters to the real world if he things about them.  As a result unknowingly, the Killer goes to the real world and captures Yeon Joo when she thinks its her dad.  The Killer is back in the webtoon and controls Dad to destroy the tablet.  Meanwhile, the prosecutor tries to have his men kill the Killer who escaped and told him to get him a hideout.  Later we see Yeon Joo being shot by Dad and when Kang Chul read this and immediately goes back to the webtoon and we see a faceoff with the Killer and kills him.  At the spot where Yeon Joo was shoot, she is missing. Kang Chul goes back to the real world and rushes to the emergency room where she was taken.  Yeon Joo is unresponsive.

Episode 14
Kang Chul rushes to the hospital in the real world and the doctors says she is in a coma and can't make it.  Dad comes back to the real world with the memories what the killer did when he was shot dead by Kang Chul.  Kang Chul reappears and tells Dad that Yeon Joo died.  But she died in the webtoon.  He thinks that since she married him she become part of the webtoon hence bleeding etc and as a result she can come back to life by Dad.  It can happen since he came back to life many times.  Dad says it is impossible since the killer made him destroy the tablet.  But we later find out that the Killer make dad draw a copy in the webtoon and the prosecutor took it when he arrive at the scene.  Kang Chul goes back to the webtoon to retrieve it but only to be caught by him and tortured since he discovers that object come out of thin air when he presses enter.  He tricks the prosecutor to go to the hospital with the tablet and thru the webtoon tells Song Bong to retrieve it.  30 min passes and he returns to the real world and summons the prosecutor to the real world where they retrieve the tablet and Dad quickly draws Yeon Joo back with the life the the monitors beeping again.  Yeon Joo goes back to the real world and finds out what happens.  She happily waits for Kang Chul to show up but suddenly she is transported back to the webtoon and the words "Final Episode"  appear in the top corner.

Episode 15
Dad, Yeon Joo and Kang Chul are transported back to the webtoon and all of them see the words "Final Episode"  Kang Chul gets thrown in jail since the prosecutor found him and beat him up.  Yeon Joo finds out that a year has pass and today is Kang Chul last day of appeal before death row.  She shows up at court but Kang Chul is denied appeal but happy to see Yeon Joo.  Note he can no longer summon himself to the real world probably because this is the final episode.  Later he escapes with Dad's help (he made another copy of the tablet).  We find out Dad retained the Killers memories back/forth and was put in a mental hospital when he arrived.  After a year he escapes by killing the nurse and hides out in the studio.  They all unite.  We find out that Dad can't control himself and basically only one can have a happy ending:  Dad or Kang Chul since both hands are fading in/out. The prosecutor is holding the bodyguard hostage and finds out there 2 worlds from him.  Kang Chul wants to save him while the cops are outside the house to arrest them.  Kang Chul takes both their rings and puts it on the table.  He will no longer see her as family so she is free and will not be affected by any ending.  He will accept what ever ending she chooses.

Episode 16 (Final)
Yeon Joo puts the ring back and says we all can be together but Kang Chul says its impossible.  Either one dies or disappears because getting Kang Chul happy ending or not determines what happens.  Kang Chul goes to save the body guard who is released and is shot by the Congressman (aka prosecutor) since he claims that he can go to the real world if Kang Chul dies.  However after getting shot Kang Chul escapes to a bus stop dieing from the gunshot.  Yeon Joo goes there but as she crosses and he loses conscious she is transported back.  The webtoon ends with this last scene.  She is in tears and the webtoon ends with him dying.  Later we find out that the webtoon didn't really end that way.  Yeon Joo's dad draws it so that the Congressman commits suicide with all the evidence on the table.  He drives to the bus stop to see his daughter one last time before disappearing.  Kang Chul goes to jail for 2 years.  He reads the letter dad left for him to be happy and not tell Yeon Joo what happen and instead tell her he is happy in the webtoon alive.  Kang Chul knew his fate as the main character ended and he was free when he didn't die (basically dad choose for Kang Chul to have the true happy ending).  Kang Chul goes to prison for 2 year so that he can return to Yeon Joo in the real world so it can run its course.  At the end Kang Chul sees Yeon Joo at the bus stop where she faints from the rain to wake up seeing him.  The "W' webtoon ends and their new lives begin.  If their new life is like a webtoon they hope it will last for a very long time.

Cut to the chase
Kang Chul goes to the real world to be with Yeon Joo after her father sacrifices himself so his daughter can be happy since either one of them has to disappear in the final episode of "W".  Basically the "W" webtoon ends but Kang Chul start his new simple life together with Yeon Joo.  

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