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Dead Wrong - 致命復活 (2016)


Broadcast Period: November - December 2016 (HK)
Episodes: 28
Business consultant Vincent Wai Yat Sing gets abducted in a business trip in Vietnam held at ransom with his team.  He is later locked up in an island prison where he stays for 10 years before escaping since his whereabouts is unknown.  Returning to society who has declared him dead he adjusts back to society where his wife has remarried.

Executive Summary:

Vincent gets back together with his wife in the end when he finds her in Vietnam.

Cathy - Vincent's wife:  She thought that Vincent was having an affair and when to a old friend from her orphanage to talk.  She doesn't want to lose her husband and tells the friend that she doesn't want to see her ever again.  Unknown to her at the time this friend was part of the group that abducted her husband and his team.  He killed the woman Ivy.  For over 10 years she was troubled by this fact that no one knew.  When she noticed that Vincent was going to find out the truth soon when the sister from the orphanage told him the relationship between the culprit, the husband and the wife.  Turmoil she decided to leave because she couldn't face the fact that what happen was because of her.

Ivy - Vincent's coworker:  This is the coworker that had a crush on Vincent.  When he was drunk she slept with him.  But Vincent really loved his wife.  She sent a photo of her and Vincent in bed and sent it to his wife that sparked the events.  She was killed in the abduction.

Queenie - Ivy's sister:  She works at the consulting firm now.  She always looked up to her sister and was sad when she found out she died.  She starts to also have an attraction to Vincent like her sister.

KK- Vincent's Boss:  He had a crush on Ivy and also Queenie.  He was the one that sent Vincent to Vietnam for a business trip and lied to Vincent he needed surgery so he would go.  He wanted to hid the fact that he hired someone give Vincent a lesson that turned out having Vincent imprison for 10 years.

Max - Vincent's good friend:  He is a rich heir but left his parents to work on his own.  He was also abducted but escaped.  He blamed himself for not being able to save Vincent when he got the chance which turmoil him for years.  He is not the real son of the father which he found out later.  He was always on bad term with the father but realized his father did love him.  He saves the company from the second son when his father ends up in the hospital when the son didn't help the father when he prevented him from stealing money from the firm.  He ends up being with Tracy who he truly loves.

Emma - coworker:  She works at the consulting firm and has a crush on Max, Vincent's friend.  They eventually date but she realizes he likes Tracy and that they should be together instead of her.

Tracy - Cathy's sister in law:  The sister of Cathy's current husband Lam Ho-yan.  She really likes doing detective work.  She falls in love with Max and later ends up with him.

Lam Ho-yan - Cathy's husband:  Growing up at the orphanage with Cathy, he always had a crush on her.  Later on after years of searching for the husband Cathy marries him when she finds out he did a lot for her.  He gave up his opportunity to get adopted by giving her his chance.  He was the one that shot the kidnapper breaking all leads to finding Vincent.  Also he was the one that prevented Vincent from being found when someone came with information of where Vincent may be.  He later dies in Cathy's arms.

Lam Tsan-nam - leader of gang:  He was the one that orchestrated the whole abduction.  Later it was revealed that he was also in the orphanage that Cathy was in.  He and Lam Ho-yan had a crush on Cathy.

Wai Yat-lung - Vincent's brother:  In the end he picks himself up after prison.  We find out that he actually caused the kidnapping to go astray.  He lost 1/2 the ransom money since he was being chased by loan sharks which grabbed the money when they were about to exchange the money with the kidnappers.

Wai Chi-chung - Vincent and Cathy's autistic teenage son:  In the end it shows that he did remember the times with his parents.  It makes Vincent realize that he does notice and has his own way of communicating.  The message he got was to never give up.  Vincent decides to look for Cathy when she disappears at the end.

This was quite interesting that you were guessing who the mastermind behind the kidnapping was. In the end everyone had a role in it or at least played some part of it.  In the end it all tied back somehow.  As Vincent said in the end that everyone faced it differently.  He and Cathy tried to control it and when it didn't work it exploded.  KK decided to conceal his deed.  Max tried to avoid it by doing dangerous stunts.  Lam Ho-yan try to not admit any wrong doing and try to change it  The brother try hid the facts.  Overall the pieces of the puzzle come together.  Everyone somehow is involved.

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