Monday, January 2, 2017

We Married as a Job (2016)

Alternative Titles:  Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu
Broadcast Period: October 2016 to December 2016 (Japan)
Episodes:   11
Status:        Completed

Executive Summary:
Mikuri Moriyama is a psychology graduate that gets fired from her temp job.  She ends up working as a housekeeper for Hiramasa Tsuzaki who is inexperience in love.  When her parents decide to move to the countryside she ends up in a contract marriage with Hiramasa which she suggests.  They end up falling in love.


  1. Mikuri loses her job and gets hired as Tsuzaki's (Hiramasa) housekeeper.  Later he accepts Mikuri sugguestion for a contract marriage
  2. They get married.  The co-workers come over and end up staying overnight.  Tsuzaki sleeps with the boys in the living room.  When Numata was leaving he saw that there was only a single bed with one pillow doubting the couple's relationship.
  3. Tsuzaki decides that they should move out to a 2 bedroom.  Eventually they decide not to and Kazami takes the 1 bedroom apartment they didn't pick.  Later both of them and the guys go grape picking.  They have a fun time.  At the temple says Tsuzaki says that Kazami is cool but Mikuri says she likes him best which made him very happy.  Later Kazami says to Tsuzaki is in a sham marriage.  Since this was not denied he indirectly confirmed it.  Next thing we know Mikuri and Kazami bump into each other and he says when she is coming over.  He says didn't Tsuzaki say he will share you to the confused Mikuri
  4. Mikuri tries to find out what share means.  Later she finds out it is for her to work partime housecleaning for Kazami.  She later decides to do it because she needs the money to do dental work.  Tsuzaki doesn't like the stituation but can't do anything about it.  He adds extra terms to the contract about dating other people.  Mikura later says that with those restrictions can't he be her boyfriend considering he would be the best choice under those conditions.
  5. They decide that they will be lovers but desinate Tuesday as hug day.  Yuri thinks Mikuri is having an affair with Kazami when she sees her handing him an umberlla in the morning.  Mikuri and Tsuzaki try to demonstrate they are in love to relieve Yuri's suspition. 
  6. Mikuri and Tsukaki go to the hotsprings which Yuri gave them tickets to.  At the end of the trip on the way back Tsukaki holds her hands and kisses her at the last stop which both didn't want the trip to end.
  7. Tsuzaki avoids the topic of the kiss.  In the end Tsuzaki and Mikuri is on the sofa drinking ice wine and they somehow hug and kiss.  Mikuri says its ok if she does those things if its Tsuzaki.  Tsuzaki then suddenly pushes her away.  This depresses Mikuri
  8. Feeling that the relationship is going nowhere and being rejected depresses Mikuri and she decides to runaway and go to her parents.  Tsuzaki misses Mikuri.  Later Mikuri realizes that it doesn't matter and returns to Tsuzaki but we find out that he went to the countryside to look for her.  They miss each other.  Mikuri patiently waits for Tsuzaki to come back since her parents forced him to stay for the day/night.
  9. Mikuri gets jealous when she sees a woman with Tsuzaki outside which was really a client taking him to buy something for Mikuri.  They suddenly talk about it and they realize they both like each other.  Tsuzaki was holding it in all this time.  All they had to do was tell each other their feelings.
  10. Tsuzaki and Mikuri sleep together on the same bed.  Tsuzaki turns 36 and is told later that he is let go from his job due to downsizing as a result of the merger.  Mikuri gets hired at minimum wage to help the shopping district folks with promoting their stores.  Tsuzaki proposes to Mikuri with a proposal that basically means she will not get paid.  Mikuri rejects him saying that is exploration of love.  Kazami-san express his feeling for Yuri-san that he likes her. 
  11. After much though Mikuri says she feels that the not getting paid as a housewife is somewhat compensated by love instead.  Tsuzaki decides that it is not a employee/employer relationship but decide on joint management.  Mikuri decides to do full time work as a writer and both share the chores.  The shopping district festival is a success.  Mikuri always says she is a pretentious person always speaking her mind which is why everyone doesn't like her.  Tsuzaki says to her that he never looked down on her and he doesn't find her pretentious.  Mikuri is touched by this comment because all her life she was know to be pretentious and it had affected her.  She hugs him in front of everyone at the festival.  Both later decide to move out to a place with a bigger room.  They hug at the end with Mikuri saying that good times, bad times they can always restart on Tuesday which is their hug Tuesdays.  At the festival, Kazami and Yuri end up together as a pair even with a 17 year old age gap.   Yuri's young staff is actually gay and he meets Numata at the festival who both are meet on a gay app.  Mikuri finally meets Hiro. 
Actually this was a show I just watch because it was popular and the story was interesting.  I like this one because it was funny and the situations they run into are just too cute.  Although we hear times that marriage to someone is sometimes like a job but they took it literally here.  But as we all know in marriage like this it is a fine line.  It was fun watching them fall in love and misunderstand each other at times.  Seeing Kazami falling in lover with Yuri 17 years her senior was interesting.  I actually thought that he liked Mikuri in the beginning but it seem he was more just viewing/curious about Tsuzaki and Mikuri on the sidelines.  The playboy Kazami would meet his match by someone you least expect but I presume it's Yuri personally that somewhat/somehow attracted him to her.  I was grateful she didn't end up with the old school friend which just wanted her to look after his daughter.  It was a kudos to her for seeing thru him and giving Kazami a chance.


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