Sunday, December 4, 2016

1% of Something (2016)

Alternative Title:  1% of Anything
Broadcast Period: October to November 2016 (Korea)
Episodes:  16
Status: Completed

Executive Summary:  A remake of the 2003 series that was 26 episodes about elementary school teacher, Kim Da-hyun (Da Da) who helps an elderly main.  The elderly man ends up writing the teacher into his will that who ever she marries will inherit his fortune.  Lee Jae-in the grandson who seem cool hearted has to woo the affection of the girl.  Both version they end up falling in love in the process and get together.

In the 2016 version they enter into a dating contract and as Lee Jae-in starts to see more of Da Da his workaholic life starts changing as he cares more.  Both fall in love in the process.  Despite falling in love they breaks up since Lee Jae-in feels he can't have Da Da live a lifestyle she likes which is carefree.  But later he can't stand being apart from her and proposes.  He gets the approval of the parents who is against their daughter marring a rich person.  After their marriage Da Da gets good press by being herself and they later find out she is pregnant.

Tae Ha (Jae-in's cousin) falls in love and pursues Hyun-jin (Da Da's best friend).  Grandfather donates his entire fortune but Jae-in doesn't care because he wanted to built his own fortune anyway.  In the end they basically say based on their backgrounds they only had 1% of meeting but they are 99% destined to be together.  It just worked out that way.  

I enjoyed the remake as it had a refreshing uptake to it.  Like most dramas of this nature people from two different worlds end up being together.  It was nice how we see Jae-in change bit by bit because of Da Da.  I found it funny how both cousin end up liking girls that people of their upbringing would never choose.  Maybe this occurs because they get attracted to the straightforwardness of these girls.  In their life people hid behind their mask and play the role but the girls just don't.  They make them do things they would never do.  This is the excitement/unknown experience which is what they probably fall in love with.

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