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Introverted Boss (2017)

Alternative Titles:  My Shy Boss
Broadcast Period: January 2017 to March 2017 (Korea)
Episodes:   16
Status:        Completed

Executive Summary:
Story about Hwan-ki a shy/introverted guy that slowly takes steps to come out of his shell, and his romance with his employee, Ro-woon
In the end he falls in love with Ro-woon and they end up together.

The Charaters:

Hwan-ki is very shy and tends to overthink what others are thinking.  He tries to be considerate but ends up getting misunderstood.  Ro-woon was originally an stage actor that goes to work at Hwan=ki's firm to seek revenge for her sister but  ends up falling in love with Hwan-ki.  Hwan-ki has been silently protecting her and actually knows her identity and purpose but still falls in love with her.

Kang Woo II is Hwan-ki's best friend and works at the firm where he presents Hwan-ki ideas and gets credit for it.  Coming from an orphanage he has he is treated no well by Hwan-ki's parents.  He falls in love with Ji-Hye, Ro-woon sister.  He sleeps with her but she later commits suicide which he thinks is because of him since he said he didn't love her.  Hwan-ki takes the blame and covers it up that he mistreated her causing her to kill herself.

Eun Yi-Soo is Hwan-ki's sister and she is in love with Kang Woo.  She will do everything for him.  She actually finds out about Ji-Hye but keeps it a secret.  On the fateful day she slit her wrist in front of Ji-Hye because it is her way of dealing with pain and says to her that she wish she disappears.  She believes that J-Hye committed suicide because of her.

Kang Woo and Yi-soo break it of the relationship when it is revealed that they are the cause of Ji-Hye death and that Kang Woo wants to live the life he wants and not be tied down because of this secret.  In the end they decide to start over and date again.

Ji-Hye was Hwan-ki's secretary and Ro-Woon's sister.  The world believe she commited suicide due to the pressures of work from Hwan-Ki.  Kang Woo thinks it was because she heard that he was engaged and did not love her. Yi-soo think it was because she told her to disappear.  The show later reveals that she probably didn't know how to face Hwan-ki because in fact the whole time she was secretly in love with him but even helped him pursue his first love.

Yoo-Hee part of Hwan-Ki's team.  She is the mother figure of the group.  At the end she is pregnant with her second child.

Kim Gyo-Ri is part of Hwan-Ki's team.  She was Ji-Hye's replacement and worked as Hwn-ki's secretary.  In the beginning she was very scared of Hwan-ki and would not dare look at him in the eyes.  She is a great listener.  Later being part of the team she warms up to Hwan-ki and is more comfortable around him.  She has a crush towards Se-Jong but gives up.  Later Se-Jong and Sun-Bong confess their lover for her a year later which she declines

Se-Jong is also part of Hwan-Ki's team.  He is actually a rich kid.  He likes Ro-woon and tries to pursue her in the beginning which of course fails.  He doesn't have the same feelings for Gyo-Ri in the beginning who has a crush on him.  But later realizes he likes her but misses the opportunity.  He goes to become a famous actor and goes to confess to Gyo-Ri at the end but gets declined.

Sun-Bong is also a part of Hwan-Ki's team.  He declares his lover for Gyo-Ri the same time Se-Jong does because he doesn't want to miss his chance.  He too gets decline/rejected.

Yun Jung was Hwan-Ki's first love.  On the night Ji-Hye died he was suppose to meet her but he didn't because he had to watch over Yi-soo.  She is a curator and loves Hwan-Ki but due to miss chances she doesn't end up with him since he now loves Ro-woon.  She is a good friend to both of them.

The necklace - Kang-woo gave this to Ji-Hye.  Originally this was the necklace that Yi-soo wanted to be for his proposal to her symbolizing his love.  Ro-woon mistakes as the gift her sister got her since she wanted it badly.

The shoes - this was the shoes that Hwan-Ki gave Ji-Hye.  She took them off before jumping of the building

The drawing - It was a drawing of the building with various people that Ji-Hye wanted to gift to Hwan-Ki but was taken by Kang-woo.

The Ending:
Hwan-Ki personally writes a letter to everyone and passes it out except to Ro-woon.  She gets upset that she his lover for her is beneath that of an employee.  She complains that he doesn't express anything for her.  Surprisingly he comes of and in front of all the employee's dances and says he loves Ro-woon.  This is a surprise to everyone's and the shy boss is so bold and they kiss in front of everyone.

This was cute story line.  It was just sad that Ji-Hye committed suicide.  I just couldn't figure out her logic of why she did it or why she slept with Kang-Woo when she didn't even like her.  Either that or she is just too submissive. There was no real bad guy in the story.  It was just bad situations.  Yun Jung was very nice and it was a nice touch that she actually understood Hwan-Ki but just had bad timing.

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